Potters Point was named after Robert Potter whose life accomplishments included being elected to the Senate in both North Carolina and Texas, but he is best known as the first Secretary of the Republic of Texas Navy and a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.  He and his wife Harriet (who was known by the local Indians as "the bravest woman in Texas", they called her 'KISHI' woman) made their home on this beautiful peninsula.  Potter was killed here during the Regulator-Modulator friction at the end of the Civil Was.  His body was move to Austin in the 1930's and placed in the State Cemetery with other hero's of Texas' fight for independence.

The first steamboat to enter Caddo Lake (then known as Ferry Lake) made landfall at a place called Rives Landing (now known as Rice's Pocket) at Potter's Point on its way to Port Monterrey further up Jeems Bayou.  This was around 1841, and for the next 60 or so years Caddo would see almost 300 steamboats ply her waters.  These craft totaled some 2600 trips to ports and landings from Swanson's Landing to Jefferson, Texas which at one time was the second largest city in Texas... only Galveston was bigger!

The last known village of the Caddo Indians is near Potters Point, and a major village of the Choushatta Indians has been found here as well.

Caddo Lake is also the place where the first OFFSHORE oil well was drilled.  The technology was developed here.  At one time, there were over 200 operating oil wells in Caddo.

Caddo was home to another boom of sorts in the early 1900's...Pearls were discovered in the mussels in the shallow waters close to Potter's Point and people flocked here to make their fortune.  In 1914 a low dam was placed on Caddo, raising the water level and ending the boom.


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